"Friends & Family" at Delimbo Artspace


Today is a good day to start writing in english. I think for this text about the great new group exhibition at Delimbo Gallery it is necessary to open this blog to our english speaking friends. At first my english is not the high class best english but i do my best and i hope you will understand everything and hopefully my spanish friends will do.
So last thursday we go to the lovely gallery Delimbo to join there vernissage of the group show "Friends & Family" with artworks by RemedHell'oMina HamadaOkudart, Zosen and Jon Fox.

Delimbo Artspace was really good visited. A lot of people was there to check the art and also to have a drink and some hands full of the delicious food. The music was great and we walk around and try to make some pictures but it was really full so i say a quick hi to Laura, one of the gallery owner and a very gorgeous woman, and we leave soon. It is not the first time i visited this stylish artspace. I love their shop with all the Lazy Oaf stuff and the beautyful jewellery. Last time i see the Felipe Pantone Exhibition and it was funny because when i go to visit Hamburg the same exhibition was the opener for new gallery Golden Hands.
I like watching this currant show and if you come to Seville take a look to this Gallery, you will see it is a place for "Friends & Family".

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