R O S E B E T O N (prt.1)


So again i try to write in english. After a rainy welcome in Toulouse, i was sucked. It was cold and wet and i miss my always sunny Sevilla. I was looking in the google-world for some events like fete de la musique. And i found some informations about a graffiti/art festival called ROSE BETON. In Toulouse city! I was so happy. There're different parts of the festival: some Artists painted big murals, some nice graffiti writing, a big exhibition and more. And the names were mind-blowing: Futura, Miss Van, Ben Eine, KR, and many more. I m not really a graffiti fan girl but i m into female stuff in boys dominated areas like art, film, writing and everywhere else....so i m very proud of every fucking girl who makes her own way. And so i like Miss Van a lot. Her art is girlish, female and very cool. And of course the legend Martha Cooper was also there. A very lovely Lady with a big fanbase. The festival was really nice and well organized. One thing that fuck me up was the securety did not allowed to walk in with my dog. That was shitty because the OPEN SUMMER event was outside and i don't like people who don't allowed dogs at outside events so i make a little trouble and after 15min i was allowed to walk in with my best buddy Tosiek. The Open Summer Event was really nice, a lot of french graffiti artists writing very nice pieces at a big factory terrain and there was a lot of diy-stuff to buy. But as always there were only one girl painting. Hey ROSE BETON people contact me for the next year action and i bring the AFC Girls into Toulouse City! So first here the pictures of the LE CHÂTEAU D'EAU and LES ABATTOIRS exhibition.
Martha shows here great photographies and has time for every picture with fans


Futura has also a lot of time for his fans

love the rose 

Lovely Miss Van and Fans

Way home with my boys and kitty

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